Kelham Hall is a beautiful stately home located in the Trent valley.  The Hall provides a stunning backdrop for weddings, events and family days out.

Open Daily.

Anyone who has marvelled at George Gilbert Scott’s design for London’s St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel will find something familiar and remarkable at Kelham Hall. A Key figure of mid-Victorian Gothic architecture, Scott had originally been commissioned by the Manners-Sutton family to add a conservatory to the house which had already been rebuilt in the early 1700s, and then extended between 1844 and 46. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately for Gilbert Scott, in 1857 a fire destroyed the older parts of the house and the architect was left with a blank canvas on which to express all the exuberance of his imagination. The result is a redbrick riot of Gothic styles, with towers, gables, arcades, exquisitely carved columns and fireplaces, and more than a score of different window designs. For 70 years Kelham Hall became home to an Anglican order of monks, gaining it’s impressive domed chapel, and today it remains a wonderful hidden treasure of English rural architecture and a magical setting for your perfect day.